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About me

Always eager to learn more. Interested in Design thinking, Creativity, Communication, and New experiences. Achieving Goals as a team member makes me the happiest :) I studied Software Engineering; so I’m similar with C#, Python, HTML and CSS; because of that, I can mostly build good connection with developers. I’m also experienced in Jewelry Design & Crafting, Carpentry, Theater and Baristamanship fields. In the end I should notify you that some of my experiences are in parallel with each other =)

Ali Bekmaz

UI & UX Designer / Consultant

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My journey

Arman Broker

UI/UX Designer
Mar 2021 - Dec 2022
22 Months

Arman is a stock market company that gives scores to the users for their activity. With these scores, users can claim prizes. Our Cooperation had 2 phases. Phase 1: 7 months Freelancer - We worked on In-Panel Pages and Funnels. Phase 2: 15 months Full-Time - Redesign Admin Panel funnels and UI (with Documentation for Staffs), some landing pages, and add new features to experience more engagement.


UI & UX Consultant
Sep 2021 - Aug 2022
12 Months

Limoo is a team communication platform. Our Cooperation had 3 phases: Phase 1: I was responsible for qualifying the resumes and conducting job interviews to find a suitable product designer. Phase 2: As a UI/UX Consultant. There was a weekly meeting between me, product designer, and business owner. We discuss what we've done, what we're going to do, and whether we are going in the right direction or not? And also there were other meetings with the product designer about more specialized things. Phase 3: We redesign landing pages to experience more engagement.


UX Researcher
Aug 2021 - Sep 2021
2 Months

Umomy is a mother & child producer. As a Freelancer, I worked with Umomy for two months. The final result was a "UX Documentation" including competitive analysis, User Journeymap, Data Architecture, Personas, and User Flow. You can find the documentation after clicking on this card.


UI/UX Designer
Oct 2020 - May 2021
8 Months

Dadsun is a legal platform that helps users to find a suitable lawyer. Dadsun had four dimensions: Users, Lawyers, Marketers & Admin. Therefore as a designer, we had to connect these four dimensions smoothly. In Dadsun, we worked in scrum methodology. I joined there one year after the last release. So there were enough data to understand where's the problem. We used BI & analytics tools to make it clear. Then we made a redesign for this purposes: 1.make funnels better with lower user costs and delete some useless parts 2.apply aesthetic usability effect and add some more colors to our design system 3.fix usability issues in our layout and some UI components 4.make Dadsun services more accessible and smother 5.design better information architecture and layout design (especially in "lawyers listing page" and "lawyers detail pages")

Ghatreh Charity

UI/UX Designer
Aug 2020 - Nov 2020
4 Months

Ghatreh Charity Union is a charity that helps low-income people prepare medical things and care for their health. This project had 2 phases. phase1: UX Documentation: Including competitive analysis, user research (survey method), Analyse the survey data and the connection between the answers and different questions (using excel), User Segmentation, and Personas. user stories and scenarios and information architecture phase2: From Wireframe to Prototype: I designed 4 Base Pages For Ghatreh charity from wireframe to prototype.

Some Activities

  • Co-working and making team communicate between different sections of the product.

    In all my Activities
  • Design and redesign several Landing pages according to KPIs

    In all my Activities
  • Dashboard design, both users panel, and admin panel

    For “Arman” and “Mylist”
  • Craft documentation about competitive analysis, user research, personas, UX scenarios, and readability.

    in “kodomo”, “Ghatreh charity”, “Umomy”, “Arman Broker” and “Dadsun”
  • Design several flows and forms with the lowest user cost

    For “Arman Broker”, “Dadsun”, “Ghatre charity” and “Kodomo”
  • User behavior analysis using Heap, GA, Metrica Yandex, and ...

    For “Dadsun” and "Arman Broker"
  • Data crafting using BI tools (Metabase) and analysis using Excel

    For “Dadsun”
  • Research about legibility, readability, and comprehension, and apply them.

    For “Dadsun”
  • Design information architecture

    For “Ghatre Charity”, “Dadsun”, “Umomy”, "Limoo" and “Arman Broker”
  • Icon design

    For “Dadsun”


Master degree - Project management
Arden University
Feb 2023 - Present | 1 Year
UI/UX comprehensive course
Spiral Design
Aug 2020 - Oct 2020 | 3 Months
Bachelor’s degree - Software engenering
Shamsipour tecnical University
Jan 2019 - Jun 2021 | 2.5 Year
Associate’s degree - Software engenering
Shamsipour tecnical University
Sep 2016 - Jan 2019 | 2.5 Year

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